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Boutique Hotel with Modern Facilities

AKR Hotel is proudly registered under Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority. We strive to live by our motto Feel at Home. Come experience our unparalleled hospitality and service while staying at our Spacious and Luxurious Rooms.

We are conveniently located on A9 Road with Bank, Major Retail Chains/ Electronic Stores / Supermarkets, Pharmacy, Doctor’s Office, Places of worship, Government authorities and offices all a short walking distance from the hotel.

Conference Hall & Meeting Room

Our Event Co-Ordinator will custom tailor a package to suit your every need and make your next event an unforgettable one.

We proudly offer a fully air conditioned 1500 square feet hall with a capacity up to 150 persons. The Hall has the latest technology in sound, video, wireless and intelligent lighting for any type of even both social and corporate.

Services & Facilities

  • 150 Persons Capacity
  • Fully Air Conditioned 1500 Square Feet.
  • Sound system complete with Wireless and Wired Microphones, Mixer board.
  • Computer with projector hookup and wireless access.
  • HD Projector with 75-inch projection screen.
  • Large Round Tables and comfortable chairs.
  • Large Garden with Coconut tree Huts.
  • Catering Service.
  • Free Parking.

Hotel Facilities

  • 24 HOURS
    • Front Desk
    • Room Service
    • Security
  • Luxury A/C & Non-A/C Spacious Rooms with City/ Garden views.
  • TV in all Rooms with Cable Channels.
  • Comfortable beds with White Linen.
  • Gated property with CCTV Cameras.
  • Free Wi-Fi Internet access.
  • Outdoor Coconut Tree Huts.
  • One Day Laundry Service.
  • Hot Water Shower.
  • Free Parking.

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