Celebrates 1st year Anniversary

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        It has been one year since we opened our doors to business. It was a tough year but with the help and support of our employees, my mother and our very understanding guests we managed to pull it through. We are slowly getting more guests and we are continuously improving our rooms and facilities as we learn what our guests prefer and like.
        We would like to humbly thank all our guests , employees and friends for all your support in the past year. Without each one of you it would have been impossible to get through the past year. Thank you all very much and please continue to support us.
       We recently started a Facebook page


.It still needs a lot of work and we are working on it but please like and share our page.

We would like to thank all our friends, relatives and guests who have liked our page.
       As we are still new we want to spread the word out about us and our facilities so please like our page and share with your friends and relatives.

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